Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Welcome to the beginnings, of what we hope, will be a group dedicated to the survival of the National Broadband Network of Australia (NBN) in the coming 2013 elections.

At the moment, this blog is going to serve as both a conduit for information surrounding the NBN and as a storage and discussion area for a public group program for the NBN. A Skype group has been setup and for further information, please email at the address below. Further support and work will focus on a dedicated site to allow sign ups to the group, hopefully progressing to real-world gatherings and petitions to local and federal members, as well as regular postings about the NBN and its' construction, benefits, problems, portrayal in the media and its' politics. There will also be dedicated areas for information for those unsure of the facts surrounding the NBN and links to blogs and articles on the NBN.

For now, we are looking for interested people and parties who would like to commit to the group's ideas and at the moment, just some time and effort online, to creating the new website and gathering new members and support. Comments below with some suggestions on ANY ideas surrounding the creation of the group, publicity, support from organisations or the press and the like are greatly appreciated.

We, at NBN4Oz, believe that:

- Australia's digital economy will be a driving force behind the new century's growth in this country

- Agree, broadly, with the National Broadband Network (NBN), in its' current form, as being our best solution to grow Australia's digital and real economy

- The current NBN, being constructed by NBNCo. and funded by the Federal Government of Australia , that will service 100% of Australians (93% with fibre and 7% with fixed wireless and satellite services) with fast, reliable, sensibly priced and upgradable broadband speeds is the best outcome for Australians- now AND more importantly, moving forward into the future

- Current opposition to the NBN, on a national scale, is based largely around un-costed opposition policies, conjecture surrounding technology upgrade paths and false reporting surrounding costs, delays and/or assumptions of the current NBN

- Current information surrounding the NBN, as reported by politicians on BOTH sides of politics and in the media is often misleading, assuming or simply plain false

- Australians should be able to decide FOR THEMSELVES, from open and unbiased information, which outcome for the Australian broadband landscape is best- NOT influenced from politicians and biased media

If you, like us, believe in these things, I encourage you to email your name and email address to:

At the moment, this list will be used to gauge the support for this group and if enough support is garnered, an email will be sent when the new website is up and running, for you to contribute. In the meantime, any comments can be left on this blog and there will be regular updates on progress.

There is a skype group setup for discussion surrounding the goal, mission statement, setup and ultimate direction of the group. If you are interested in joining the group, please email the above address.

Also, please fill out the poll below as another way of gauging support for a group.

There is also a link to a petition above. If you feel you agree overall with these goals, please, sign the petition.

Thankyou. And lets keep the NBN alive for Australia.